KEITH BURDEN - Manager, Fleet and Facilities

Keith is responsible for the safe and effective operation of Terracon's fleet and facilities. Having celebrated his 25th anniversary with Terracon, Keith has extensive experience in most aspects of Terracon's field operations including construction monitoring, mine operations, and materials testing. Keith has worked on some of the most complex industrial and mining sites and places a strong emphasis on safety and technical proficiency. Keith plays a critical role building out Terracon's new operating centres and integration with existing ones. In 2022 Keith took on the challenge of managing Terracon's fleet and assets and works very closly with all our field operations to ensure project success.

While not behind his desk, Keith can be found working on vehicles (both Terracon's and his own), playing with some welding projects, spending time with his family, or on the open road on his bike.

Terracon Leadership

Leadership Team

  • Jake Rubenstein - Chief Operating Officer
  • Shaun Gawryliuk - Chief Financial Officer
  • Julie Falls - Chief People Officer
  • Paul Xu - Director and Principal Engineer
  • Allan Jansen - Director, Safety & Technical Proficiency
  • Andrew Taylor - Director, Shared Services
  • Ian MacNeil - Director, Regional Operations RMWB and Joint Venture Manager, Terracon Infinity LP
  • Fidel Villanueva - Director, Regional Operations AB & BC
  • Damien McNelis - Manager, Edmonton Operations
  • Wenbin Tang - Manager, Calgary Operations
  • Tyler Clemit - Manager, Northern BC Operations
  • Glen Flach - Operations Manager, Syncrude
  • Franklin Udo - Operations Manager, Suncor & CNRL
  • Kramer Clay - Operations Manager, Fort Hills
  • Keith Burden - Manager, Fleet and Facilities
  • Whitney Drouin - Manager, Operational Support
  • Jason Wong - HSE Manager
  • Brandy Hasiuk - Manager, Laboratory Services
  • Jeff Devetten - Manager, Quality and QMS
  • Geoff Hill - Business Development Strategist
  • Farasat Khan - Business Development Strategist

Board of Directors


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