Water Resources

The formulation and execution of groundwater resource projects require experience and good judgment in several necessary disciplines including hydrogeology, hydro-geochemistry and fluid flow. Terracon’s professional staff possesses a broad experience base in defining natural water systems in support of project development for mines, industrial plants and recreational facilities. Our staff is supported by appropriate resources for field tasks as well as current software for database construction, pump test analysis, flow modeling and interpretation. Complex geological settings have been modeled. Groundwater studies have generally been focused on several objectives: groundwater supply, dewatering or depressurization for excavations; groundwater containment flow; and seepage analysis for design of sludge and liquid containment structures.

Investigations have included aquifer characterization and flow modeling, seepage analysis, well designs, sustainable yield estimates, drainage designs and containment assessment and remediation. Surface hydrology studies have involved water balance definition for specific basins. Studies have been completed to ascertain selected parameters such as infiltration rates, base flows, flood stages, flood frequency analysis and river bed scour depths. These studies have supported surface mine drainage control designs, EIA’s, groundwater modeling, pipeline river crossing remediation works, culvert installation designs and channel erosion works.

  • Mine Drainage
  • Mine Depressurization
  • Seepage Analysis (dykes)
  • Flood Plain Analysis
  • Aquifer Characterization
  • Regulation/Support Services
  • Groundwater Assessment; including Data Collection, Interpretation, Modelling, Resource Evaluation and Quality Reporting
  • Pump Test and Groundwater 3D modeling


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