Project Profile  Arctos Anthracite Joint Venture (AAJV)


Terracon recently finalized its work on a very substantial coal mine development in northwestern British Columbia.  We were retained by Arctos Anthracite Joint Venture (AAJV), which is an unincorporated joint venture of Fortune Coal Limited and POSCO Klappan Coal Limited.


The proposed mine is anticipated to produce 3 million tonnes per year of clean anthracite coal over a mine life of approximately 25 years. The final (end-of-mine) area extent of the open pit mine and other mine infrastructure disturbances is expected to be about 4,000 hectares (ha).


Terracon was retained by AAJV in early 2013 to examine the rock storage and ultimate pit wall designs with respect to geotechnical conditions for the proposed anthracite coal mine.  The majority of our project tasks included:

  • conducting and governance of field geotechnical investigation programs;
  • conducting and governance of laboratory test programs;
  • pit wall and rock storage slope stability analyses;
  • provision of guidance for ground control and geotechnical monitoring.


Recent meetings indicated our client was very satisfied with our work and we anticipate additional field work and subsequent reporting to be required in the future.


While this project was initiated in the Calgary office by Emmett Horne, the field component was a collaborative effort between both Calgary and Fort McMurray staff.  The project team included Lee Nichols, Emmett Horne, Ognian Gubev, Tara Rihn, Laura Normore, Bronwen Kelley, Paul Xu, Ahmed Hammad, Jeff Devetten, Marilyn Baker, Mollie McGrath, Shane Lyons, and Joan Barbour.  We’d like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and efforts!